Welcome to Quanta Morph and to the new global societal presence base on pure peace pure harmony pure joy and pure love.  Use this form to Activate your Quanta Morph card to invite upper dimensional access.  You must submit an activation for each Quanta Morph card you have.

Step 1

Activate Your Quanta Morph Card

First turn over card so you are looking at the back of the card.

Then look down to the bottom left of the card to the grey scratch panel.

Close your eyes and bring the feeling or thought of how come you have this amazing card.  Now open your eyes and scratch this grey panel off revealing your activation number.

Step 2

Next with this activation number please fill out the following form and press the Activate button to send us the information we need to complete the activation process.  You will not receive any further emails from us and we will just take care of this.  That’s it!  You are done!  With the cards you can also purchase a Quanta Harmonization for an even deeper custom harmonization offering.  Many blessings pure harmony.

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