Neurological Template Quanta Harmonization

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Update your nerves, cells and genetics to life information

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As we entertain form from the viewpoint of spirit, we see all the different ways to engage form. One way is through the nerves of the body uprising them so they transform more into light transmitters than electrical. The nerves relax allowing more harmony in the nerves.

The Neurological Template Quanta harmonization offers an update with your nerves, cells and genetics to allow a deeper expression of yourself in form. As your body is more comfortable with you in it what would your life be like? Would your body be more in harmony with you? What would your nerves feel like being infused in blue light?

Once you purchase this harmonization we will be in contact with you to go through the next steps. As a part of this you will receive a lovely document summarizing what was completed.  All we need is your picture and we can work with you anywhere on the planet. No physical contact is required.

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