Past Life Harmony Quanta Harmonization

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Release the past to materialize reality from now

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This Harmonization is based in sound harmonics and also works with the Quanta Morph Past Life Harmony card to assist to free you of past life issues.  There are 2 tests and harmonization that are spaced a couple of days apart to ensure effectiveness. When completed you will receive an email of the beautiful artwork with the scientific numbers to keep for future reference. Also included is an explanation of the whole process. This activates your Quanta Morph Past Life Harmony card even further for deeper protection 24/7 and higher dimensional access.

We manifest from the past so the more past that is resolved the deeper peace we feel and the clearer our present manifestations are.  The more we can exist in the present the more joy we ultimately experience.  A past life is anything before this moment and includes this life.

Harmonization includes:

  • Resolution of past life trauma (such a lovely gift)
  • Offer to step off the incarnation wheel and introduce conscious choice
  • Removal of any restrictions or resistance to release past lives and karma
  • Harmonize dark forces influencing your surroundings
  • Assisting to resolve all past lives so you exist in the present
  • Clearing connections to dimensional dark forces including demonic
  • Updating past life decisions to release that past charge
  • Release of karma
  • Opportunity to clear and release all past lives
  • And so much more

Benefits can include being more at peace anywhere you are and people around you being in a better mood and in harmony with you.

After harmonization we infuse you past life alignment and attunement.  All we need is your picture and we can work with you anywhere on the planet. No physical contact is required.

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