How Quanta Morph Works

Project Blue Rei is a multidimensional access Ascending Technology of pure light information based on

Sound, Oceans, Solar activities and Galactic Portals.

A quanta is a known measurement of energy.

Quanta Access then is a conscious merge into the

Living information of Immortality combining 122 Time Sound Codes with Quanta Energies to establish a rapid Harmonization!

The multi wave sound oscillations repattern every 6 hours with current Celestial energy patterns emitted naturally from this organic Solar System in union with Life generating a Natural Ascension of polarized energies.

Quanta Morph utilizes Project Blue Rei (PBR) with geometry and organic plasma to connect to the Quanta Morph cards interfacing with the energy field of your physical body to offer you Quanta Access to higher dimensions.

Any dimension from 5th up is based of harmonics and anything 4th dimension and below uses frequency.  With Quanta Access your body is now connected to harmonics which naturally displaces frequency.  This allows organic life information to be offered to your physical body to Quanta Morph your physical form.  

We transmit organic life information to each of the cads constantly ever minute of ever hour of every day.  The harmonizations we offer work with a card or can be totally stand alone.  When used with a card, the card is enhanced to a new level of functionality custom to your specific reality.

Visit our shop page to select what resonates with you.  Trust your first feeling and thought and that is then the idea for you.

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