All Quanta Morph cards

Many blessings in life and thank you bob.  I am blessed to have all three quanta morph cards.  They harmonize my physical mental emotional spiritual walk in my life each day, My well-being and consciousness of my illuminated presence, Encapsulated in living peace love harmony joyful Grace.  Blessings go out to all people that purchased them and gratitude in honor to the creator and the creation of these Divine cards.Thank you, K

Idaho, US

Dark Forces Removal Harmonization

I’ve known Bob now for 10 years and a few months ago I was under so much stress from being under psychic attack regularly.  I have had the dark forces card for about 41/2 years now.  Bob suggested that the card be “updated” so to speak with the dark forces removal harmonization. “WOW”  What a difference. That energy will attempt to come in, Bob has made suggestions on  what to do, I do it and it’s gone.

Bob is very kind and caring,  and no judgement.


Dark Forces Removal Card

As a targeted individual I use the Dark Forces Removal Kit 24/7.  I sleep with the card at the back of my neck, which is where I am continually being attacked and it stops the attack while I am trying to sleep.  I also carry the card with me in my shirt pocket and if I am attacked during the day, I put the card at the back of my neck and it will immediately stop the attack. Quite amazing as these attacks can be very disruptive. I would recommend this Dark Forces quanta card for anyone who is under psychic attack.

Sincerely, Joshua


Dark Forces Removal Card

My recent ex came to my door uninvited! He didn’t hang around very long! A hand full of unrelated people I had met my 2 years living in Sedona came by around the same time and were saying good bye. I knew it was for my best interest! Thank you for sharing this amazing Dark Forces Removal card!

Sedona, AZ

Past Life Harmony Harmonization

My first harmonization I chose to complete is Past Life Harmony and I felt shivers at the time I heard that the harmonization was completed for me.  Things of the past came up and gone.  All with grace and ease.  What a lovely gift and I look forward to completing all the harmonizations.  Mil Bendiciones.

Ooltewah, TN

All Quanta Cards

I have all 3 cards now and have experienced wonderful reality updates.  Mil Bendiciones.

Ooltewah, TN

Dark Forces Removal Card

I had some rum and egg nog over the weekend and discovered the dark forces removal quanta card assists to keep the personal energy field sealed and stable when vibrations of alcohol are introduced. I was able to enjoy myself more without having to be so aware of any intrusions. Who would have guessed a card could assist having more fun drinking?

Rob, Okanagan, BC

Dark Forces Removal Card

Since I have placed the dark forces removal quanta card under my pillow and carry with me all the time, I have way more energy.  Feels like like there was an energy vampire on me and I feel so much better now.

Jon, Westbank, BC, Canada

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